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Looking to take your business to the next level? We can help you build a private cloud that meets your specific needs and requirements.

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The rapid growth of DevOps has brought new challenges and opportunities to IT teams.


The speed of development and the need to move fast has made it challenging for organizations to keep up with their software development cycles. As developers and operations professionals elevate their skills, they’re also looking for ways to improve collaboration.
The fastest way to achieve this is through a private cloud solution.


A private cloud solution allows developers and operations staff to work together seamlessly without having to worry about security issues on their infrastructure.
Starhouse Tech brings the best of private cloud and DevOps services. We provide complete solutions to help you stabilize your data and enhance the performance of your storage capability so that you can create solutions that work for your business needs.

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We leverage our unique combination of experience in private cloud computing and DevOps to ensure that your organization has access to the right technology for its needs.

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Why Private Hosted Cloud?

In a world where public cloud services like AWS and Azure are all the rage, you might be wondering why you would ever need to use a private cloud. After all, public clouds are convenient, scalable, and often cheaper than private ones.


Private clouds can be more secure than public ones, since you have more control over who has access to your data.

Faster and more reliable

Private clouds can also be faster and more reliable since you’re not sharing resources with other users.


Private clouds can be more flexible, since you can customize them to better fit your needs.


All in all, the private cloud is the ideal solution for businesses that want full control over their data.
At Starhouse Tech, we understand that every business is different and has its preferred cloud services. That’s why we offer a variety of private cloud services that can be customized to fit your specific business needs.
Our team of experts provides a wide range of services to help you migrate your data to the cloud, resulting in an effective system that can handle the rising demands of your organization.

Top Features of Private Hosted Cloud

Here’s what you get with a private cloud:

01 Security

With a private cloud, you can be sure that your data is safe and secure.

02 Flexibility

You can tailor the cloud to fit your specific needs.

03 Performance

Private clouds can offer more dedicated resources.

04 Control

With a private cloud, you have more control over your data and your environment.

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If you’re looking for a way to increase your company’s productivity and efficiency while also improving its security, then it’s important that you partner with the right provider. This is where Starhouse Tech excels.

We provide industry-leading private cloud support and services tailored to your specific needs. This means not worrying about managing your infrastructure or technical issues. Our solutions are designed to help you get more done with less effort.

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What our customers are saying

Starhouse Tech helps companies and businesses scale up and grow by providing them with reliable and responsive DevOps consulting, cloud and security services. Read what our clients have to say.

The professional team at Starhouse Tech always stays in touch and makes us feel included and updated in times of releases or major updates.

Sergii Chumakov CEO

I’ve been working with Starhouse Tech for the past year and they’ve been nothing but amazing. Their devops solutions have transformed the way we do business and we’ve seen a significant increase in productivity. Highly recommend!

Michael Smith Senior Staff Software Architect

Starhouse Tech is the best in the business. They provided us with end-to-end devops solutions and the entire process was smooth and efficient. The team was knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions we had.

Ed Fernandez Director of DevOps

We were in need of a cloud migration and Starhouse Tech was there to help us every step of the way. Their cloud infrastructure consulting was top-notch and the results were beyond our expectations. Highly recommend this company for any IT needs.

Andrew Friedman Vice President of technology

The delivery team at Starhouse Tech is second to none. They managed every aspect of our project with care and expertise. The final delivery was on time and exceeded our expectations. Thank you Starhouse Tech!

Andrew Brown CTO

Our company has been using Starhouse Tech’s build and release automation and it has made a huge impact on our development process. We are now able to release updates faster and with more consistency. Highly recommend this service!

David Levy Senior Information Technology Executive | Strategic and Tactical Planning | Applications | Infrastructure | Security

As a growing company, we needed a reliable and efficient solution for our infrastructure operations. Starhouse Tech’s infrastructure automation was the answer. The process was seamless and has helped us save time and resources.

Yuri Steinberg CTO



What is private cloud?


A private cloud is a cloud computing environment that is dedicated to a single organization and only accessible by that organization. Private clouds offer more control, security, and privacy than public clouds and are typically used by organizations with highly sensitive data or strict regulatory requirements.


Why use a private cloud?


Organizations use private clouds for increased security, privacy, control, and regulatory compliance. Private clouds offer dedicated resources and allow for customization, which can be important for organizations with specific security and performance requirements. They also offer a higher level of control and visibility over data and infrastructure.

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