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IT Cybersecurity Consulting Services

IT cybersecurity is a vital part of your business. As technology becomes a more integral part of our lives, companies are increasingly investing in cyber security to keep their data safe and secure.


Whether it’s a small or large business, every organization needs to protect its data and systems from cyber threats. The good news is that we can help you do just that.

We are a well-known cybersecurity consultancy and can work with you to manage your cloud service, reduce risk and improve security.


The cloud security professionals at Starhouse Tech can deliver creative and dependable services for multi-cloud, private, and hybrid systems, as well as custom-made security solutions for public clouds such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle Cloud.

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A Modernized Approach to Data Security

The rise of cloud-based services and other digital tools has made data security especially vital. In fact, today, it’s more important than ever for organizations to protect their data from outside and inside threats.


Our IT security consulting experts can work with your in-house team to develop and personalize a multi-layered security solution to secure your cloud environment.

Modern approach

Our solution is based on a modern approach to data security which includes running incident response simulations and employing automated technologies to improve the speed of detection, investigation, and recovery.

11 years of experience

With more than 11 years of experience — providing big corporations with information security consulting services, you can rest assured that we have what it takes to help you achieve maximum security.


Request a Data Security Audit Today

It is important that you regularly evaluate your current security practices, identify weaknesses, and make recommendations for improvement.

Known as a data security audit, this is an important part of business continuity planning. The goal is to identify weaknesses in your current safeguards that could lead to unauthorized access and jeopardize the success of your enterprise.

At Starhouse Tech, we can work with you to audit your cybersecurity infrastructure to determine:
Identify data assets
The effectiveness of your current security controls
Any gaps between what you have implemented and what is required for best practices
Request an audit today and start your journey toward cyber resiliency

In our role as cybersecurity consultants, we provide vulnerability, asset, and patch management as well as threat modeling and risk prioritization, to ensure that you are covered at all points.

We will then make recommendations that will help secure your cloud environment, DevOps pipeline, and other vulnerable areas.

Order a consultation

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If you’re looking to improve your cybersecurity, our team can help. We offer a variety of consulting services to help you assess your risks and develop a plan to improve your security. We’ll work with you to assess your needs and develop a plan to keep your systems safe.

Get in touch today to learn more.


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What our customers are saying

Starhouse Tech helps companies and businesses scale up and grow by providing them with reliable and responsive DevOps consulting, cloud and security services. Read what our clients have to say.

The professional team at Starhouse Tech always stays in touch and makes us feel included and updated in times of releases or major updates.

Sergii Chumakov CEO

I’ve been working with Starhouse Tech for the past year and they’ve been nothing but amazing. Their devops solutions have transformed the way we do business and we’ve seen a significant increase in productivity. Highly recommend!

Michael Smith Senior Staff Software Architect

Starhouse Tech is the best in the business. They provided us with end-to-end devops solutions and the entire process was smooth and efficient. The team was knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions we had.

Ed Fernandez Director of DevOps

We were in need of a cloud migration and Starhouse Tech was there to help us every step of the way. Their cloud infrastructure consulting was top-notch and the results were beyond our expectations. Highly recommend this company for any IT needs.

Andrew Friedman Vice President of technology

The delivery team at Starhouse Tech is second to none. They managed every aspect of our project with care and expertise. The final delivery was on time and exceeded our expectations. Thank you Starhouse Tech!

Andrew Brown CTO

Our company has been using Starhouse Tech’s build and release automation and it has made a huge impact on our development process. We are now able to release updates faster and with more consistency. Highly recommend this service!

David Levy Senior Information Technology Executive | Strategic and Tactical Planning | Applications | Infrastructure | Security

As a growing company, we needed a reliable and efficient solution for our infrastructure operations. Starhouse Tech’s infrastructure automation was the answer. The process was seamless and has helped us save time and resources.

Yuri Steinberg CTO



What does a cyber security audit look like?


A cyber security audit involves assessing an organization’s information security controls to ensure they are effective in protecting against potential threats. It includes evaluating policies, procedures, and technical controls, performing risk assessments, and making recommendations for improvement. The goal is to provide assurance and improve the security posture of the organization.


What is an auditors role in cybersecurity?


An auditor’s role in cybersecurity is to assess an organization’s information security controls and provide assurance that the controls are effective in protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organization’s information assets.


What is a cybersecurity consulting firm?


Cybersecurity consulting firms help organizations improve their security posture by offering expert services and advice. Services include security assessments, penetration testing, incident response planning, and more. The goal is to enhance cyber defense.


How much is cybersecurity consulting?


Cost of cybersecurity consulting varies widely: $100-$300/hr for small-medium orgs, several thousands for larger orgs. Pricing depends on scope, complexity, expertise, location, and org size. Get clear scope of work & pricing before starting project.


What does a security consultant do?


A security consultant improves an org’s info security by conducting assessments, recommending controls & best practices, implementing solutions, and providing ongoing support. Goal: minimize cyber threat risk, protect sensitive info, ensure security standards & reg. compliance.


What is cyber security consulting?


Cyber security consulting helps orgs improve info security by identifying threats, implementing security strategies, and providing best practices to protect against cyber attacks. The goal is to enhance security, meet compliance, and minimize risk of cyber incidents.


What is DevSecOps as a service?


Integration of security into DevOps process for continuous security monitoring and risk mitigation.

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